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Types of Services

boundary survey

Usually, a boundary survey is done in order to establish the boundaries of land using its legal description and other information. This is helpful if you're looking to improve your property, like installing a fence.Survey technicians at McBride Surveying pride themselves on timely and accurate Boundary Surveys.

looking for some basic information regarding your property

These are a few of the many questions arise when buying property.

  • Is there legal access to a public street?

  • Legal Lot status

  • Can I split the property into more parcels?

  • Can I adjust the property line between my neighbor and I?

  • What are the current building setbacks for accessory buildings and carports?

  • Are there any possible encroachments?

We provide two different reports to help answer these questions without the need for an in-depth survey. Fill out the applicable request form. These are PDF forms are fillable. Attach the completed form to the contact form before submitting.

land partitions

When you partition land, you create three or fewer new units of land, called “parcels.” A boundary survey of the parent property is usually required.  Typically permanent monuments are set, an official plat map is created, and recorded with the project county. McBride Surveying is very familiar with these type of projects, and with the local land development codes. We are happy to help start the process. Contact us for a quote!

property line adjustments (PLA)

PLA's are a type of boundary survey that involves the relocation of a common line between two adjoining properties, no additional properties are created during this process. McBride Surveying is familiar with local land development codes, and is eager to help you through the process!

legal descriptions

“Legal description” refers to the written description of property and certain other data that identifies the subject piece of property. The description, often seen as a lot and block or metes and bounds format,  is an integral part of "Legal descriptions" and is a job for a licensed Land Surveyor. Contact us to find out how our experienced staff can help with this task!

Gis services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lets us visualize, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. Contact McBride Surveying with any questions regarding our GIS services!

Land Use planning

McBride Surveying can provide land use planning services, including the ability to help the landowner obtain the appropriate permits for their intended use.  McBride Surveying is familiar with Oregon’s land use laws and can guide you through the various other local, state, and federal agency requirements.

We offer planning, permitting, and consultation for all types of projects.

Water RIghts

“Certified Water Right Examiner or "CWRE" means any individual certified by OSBEELS to collect and report data and conduct surveys to describe the extent of appropriation for Claims of Beneficial Use, and also to prepare maps for transfer applications.”

~Oregon Water Resources Department


An easement is an interest in land owned by another person, consisting in the right to use or control the land, or an area above or below it, for a specified limited purpose (such as to cross it for access to a public road). McBride Surveying can prepare the needed documents and exhibits to create of all types of easements. 

alta/nsps land title surveys

An ALTA survey is one of the most details surveys available and adds a higher protection. Anyone can request this type of survey. For commercial real estate, this survey is typically required by the title insurance company and/or the lender. 

In preparing ALTA Surveys, time is critical. McBride Surveying, prides itself on completing these difficult surveys in a timely manner and ensuring that our surveys are complete, accurate and user friendly.  Surveys can be delivered both digitally and as traditional hard copy prints.